Carnivore Club

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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I live in a family with lots of men!  During the summer all we hear about is grilling food, this time of the year we hear about hunting and what types of meat they are going to have made up.  I swear all they think about is food!!!
I say this with love though, I adore the men in my family.
Shopping for them can be tough though.  I mean really want do you get for someone who only enjoys sleeping, hunting, grilling and football.  Hmm well they enjoy eating too.

When I found the Carnivore Club I knew it would be perfect for any of them.
It is an artisan, handcrafted, exclusive meat club (try saying that three times fast!)
Each months member receive a box with 3-4 handcrafted cured meat from around the world.
And it is so easy to get!  You sign up, choose a plan and then get your box!  Tada you are done.
It is the perfect way to try different meats and to discover new favorite.  

I had a taste testing party with my family and of course the men LOVED it!  The girls did too, but come on a Carnivore Club?  This is so a mans thing :)
This month's box featured:
1) Bacon Jam - This is a sweet and savory spread with hints of citrus.  It is perfect to spread on a hamburger or what ever else you like to eat bacon on!  It taste so good and there are so many different seasonings that give it a really unique flavor
2) Capicola- This is a Italian delicacy.  It is a pork cold cut that taste amazing on a sandwich and really enhance an everyday sandwich to something more.
3)  Salami Cotto Again this is a great cold cut meat that taste great not only on a sandwich, but also on a platter.  It is sure to be the talk of any holiday meat tray you make up for get togethers.
4) Headcheese So this is the one I didn't try.  I am pretty adventures, but I just could get past the way it looked.  Don't worry though my dad plowed right through and tried it first.  He put it on a slice of crusty bread and loved the flavor!  He said you could really taste a lot of spices :)

Over all I am so impressed with the Carnivore Club and all the new meats I got to try!  
If you have a hard to shop for man in your life sign him up for this club!  I'm sure it is a gift he will adore