Commander Life & Commander Gear Apparel Lines

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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A few years ago my hubby begged me to watch Duck Dynasty with him.  I told him I don't like hunting I wont like the show.  Frustrated he told me the show isn't about hunting and that I would love it....
So I tuned in and after 1 episode I was addicted.  If I am going to be 100% honest it was uncle Si who got me addicted!  His complete goofiness had my laughing the entire episode.  In case anyone is wondering my first episode was the one where he got raccoon dropping and some sort of berry mixed up!!!
That silliness and the Robertson's message of family & faith is what had me addicted.  It is what kept me coming back for more.
I am so happy my hubby kept on me until I finally watched, because it has become one of my favorite shows.
Being the fan that I am I was pretty excited to see the all new Commander Life & Commander Gear Apparel Lines.

This line is available exclusively online at with plans for retail inclusion nationwide in 2016. 

Commander Life and Commander Gear are collaborations with 81Eighty, a division of Dallas Cowboys Merchandising that focuses on assisting companies in developing their brands by offering fashionable and compelling apparel and headwear collection for men, women, youth, infant and toddler categories.

Commander Apparel was designed by the Robertsons to evoke the family’s renowned outdoors-oriented lifestyle that has become synonymous with quality in the outdoor space for decades.  Commander Life is inspired by the casual, outdoor lifestyle of the Robertson Family and their motto of faith, family and ducks. The Commander Life collection includes easy-to-wear items with functional yet fashionable features that stay true to the Robertson lifestyle.

So I like Duck Dynasty and as we all already know I am a huge fan of clothing.  It only makes sense that I would love this new clothing line! It is the best of both worlds!
They have items for men, women and kiddos.
Everything is comfortable and durable.  Perfect for that outdoorsy kind of person.  Plus the clothing is still fashionable!  The cut, designs and added extras keep the clothing from being dull.
Even my hubby who is impossible to shop for clothing loves it.
I was sent items for both the hubby and I.  Here is just a small peek at all the great things they offer!!

As I said this is just a few of the items they offer!  They have so much more and not just adult clothing.  They have kid items and gear such as hats ect
TO see everything please check out my link below: