Draw Jammies

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We all been there, that infamous marker mishap.  I have had my boys draw on my wall, fridge, clothing and even once on my dog!!  After telling them over and over again they can't draw on anything other than paper they finally get it.  Sadly though I can see that longing in their eyes and I so know they want to go wild and draw on things they aren't suppose too!  It is fun to break the rules once in awhile.  I am a firm believer of organized chaos.
Meaning I let my boys think we are doing something we should be, but we have to do it right.
That is just what we did when their Draw Jammies came! 

 Jammies they can draw on.  I will never forget their faces as I handed them each a marker and told them to go crazy.  Decorate their own Pj's.
They looked at their Jammies, their marker, each other and then finally me again.  They were just in such shock this was happening!!
After some reassurance they cheered and really went to town on those sweet little jammies.
I loved hearing them laugh and I made sure they understood that they could only draw on these special jammies.
I think they may have become their most prized possessions!
So here is how they work you get super soft jammies.  They come in 2 colors.  Pink or blue the choice is yours.
You then get markers and stencils to create your own work of art.
Wear them to bed and then wash them
The best part is the marker comes off in the washer!  SO you get to start all over again!!

You can recreate new PJ's every single night!  My kids LOVE them :)
To learn more or order you own check out my link below: