FirstMate Pet food

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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Providing my pets with quality food is a top priority for me.  Rufus has allergies so I have to be very careful not to give him something that will cause a breakout.  A lot of low quality food have by products that harm pets, even though it is filling it doesn't really give them what they need for a balanced diet.
When I found FirstMate I knew they would be perfect for my furry buddies!

FirstMate uses 100% all natural, regionally sourced ingredients to formulate all its diets with the exception of their lamb which comes from Australia.
FirstMate was the first company to introduce a Grain Free formula to pet speciality in 1995!  For pups likes Rufus Grain free is a must.  He can eat some grain, but we try to limit it.
And they offer so many flavors!  My pups don't want to same thing everyday, they like having it switched up.

Favors such as:
Grain Free Chicken Formula 
Grain Free Salmon Formula 
Grain Free Turkey Formula 
Grain Free Wild Tuna Formula
Lamb Meal And Rice
Trim And Light
High Performance
Australian Lamb
Australian Lamb – Small Bites
Chicken With Blueberries
Chicken With Blueberries – Small Bites
Pacific Ocean Fish Endurance/Puppy
Pacific Ocean Fish Large Breed
Pacific Ocean Fish Original
Pacific Ocean Fish Original – Small Bites
Pacific Ocean Fish Weight Control/Senior

Pacific Ocean Fish with Blueberries Treats

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