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Hallmark Mickey Mouse with Sled Personalized Ornament

Every year my boys and I get at least 1 new ornament for the tree.  Some years we got 2 or 3.  Some are handmade, some we found on a certain trip and other just represent our favorite movies or memories.  Each has a story though and each year when we get them out and decorate our tree we retell all those stories and get to live the memories all over again.
It is one of my favorite traditions!  In 2017 we are going to Disney for our very first time!  The past 2 years we have been collecting money in our Disney jar and even though we are no where near where we need to be we are still pretty excited about how much we have.
It has become a little thing for us to all put our "extra" change in the jar each night and at the end of the year count it up to see just how much we have.
Our annual counting is coming up soon and we are all pretty pumped.
When I seen the Personalized Mickey Mouse Ornaments at Hallmark I just knew I had to get one for our tree!

  We are going to do our counting on the 18th (1 week) and after we are done I am going to let my little guys hang up our new ornament.  I think after Christmas we are going to keep him on top of the jar and then each year after we count our money we will put him onto the tree.
I have a feeling it is going to become a tradition.
I told my hubby though that after we go to Disney that it wont be a Disney jar anymore.  He just laughed and told me that after we go once we are going to want to go back again and again!

I love that you can personalize this ornament with names, years or even a favorite saying.  All of which is displayed on Mickey's adorable sled.
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