Graeter's Ice Cream

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There is some sort of sick unspoken rule in my household that if I want a bowl of ice cream I need to get it the second said ice cream enters our home.  If I don't the three boys (well 2 boys, 1 man) descend upon as if they have not eating in 10 weeks and that ice cream is now their only means of surviving!! 
Giggle if you must, but I kind you not I can't remember the last tub of ice cream that I have gotten more than one bowl out of.
It isn't like chocolate where I can just hide it under my.... hmm well in case my hubby is reading this I will just say it isn't like I can hide it as I do my chocolate.
So sadly I have resigned myself to the fate of getting only one bowl of ice cream!  Which is normally fine, that was until I discovered Graeter's Ice Cream.
They are so good and I so wanted to eat it all right away, I knew my boys were going to eat it all on me!  And they did, I was able to "taste" this small piece of heaven before my ice cream devourers found it.
Graeter's is handcraft gourmet ice cream.  Thanks to their French Pot technology they only make one batch at a time.  Meaning each batch is top quality and bursting with flavor.  Not to mention it is super smooth and creamy!!

Now I would attempt to list all the flavors for you, but I think it would be impossible.  They have a little bit of everything, you are sure to find your favorite flavor.
They even offer seasonal flavors, such as eggnog :)!

Here is just a small peek at what they have to offer.

To learn more and see all they have to offer please check out my link below: