Holiday Foods everyone will love

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
Welcome to the 2015 Simply Me Holiday Gift guide!  The holidays should be fun.  At times finding the perfect gift, great deals, decorating and recipes can be overwhelming.  The Simply Me Blog wants to put the fun back into the Holidays so over the next several weeks I will be posting great gifts for everyone, decorating tips, recipes and everything in-between!
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My holiday dinner is kind of like a well oiled machine.  Certain things need to be in certain places for it to go smoothly.
My dad and brother can't sit next to each other or the whole night will be one argument after the next.  I can't put an "sugar" items in front of my nanny because she is diabetic and old so she forgets she is diabetic!  I have to put my pappy by me or we will keep sneaking my dogs food under the table.  My one aunt can't be by a window of the draft will cause non stop complaining.  I have 1 shy cousin who needs to sit by my out going uncle or she wont talk at all, he always brings her out of her shell.
The kids table must be colorful and filled with decorations!  My pappy needs to carve the meat so I always put the ham by him.  My brother will fling veggies so we keep the corn and peas away from him.  My sister hates the way cranberry sauce looks so we put that on the opposite side of the table.
Yes dear readers this is my Christmas dinner!  We are all like clogs and gears and we need to be in a certain area lol
Now since I am referencing machines it needs to be known just like a machine needs oil to go we need food!  And good tasting food keeps things running smoothly!

I recently found 4 items I know are going to be able my dinner table this year:
The Real food Co
Rice's honey 
The coupons for Garden Lites (in freezer at market
The Original SoupMan soup

The Real Food Co is offering:
100% Single Origina rice sugar and salt 
Offered by the Real Co.  A company that strives to keep it real!  Meaning they want to be able to trace everything you eat right to the source!  Even that smallest grain of salt.
Every food item has the Non-GMO Project Verified seal and is harvested from one single place, single farm or single family. The Real Co products are also Vegan, Gluten Free, and KOSHER!
The Real Co White Basmati Rice has no additives, no chemicals, no pesticides, no GMO and NOTHING added. The Real Co White Basmati Rice is a “super grain”, containing all essential Amino Acids and folic acid, and is gluten free and cholesterol free.

The Real Co Organic Cane Sugar is unrefined sugar, offering the full taste of natural sugar and nothing like the fake, white sugar on many kitchen tables, and dissolves in both hot and cold drinks. This sugar contains 17 Amino Acids, 11 minerals and 6 vitamins, as well as antioxidants that may reverse oxidative damage.

The Real Co Himalayan Pink Rock Salt packs a whopping 80 plus minerals and elements which are noted for many health benefits including reducing blood pressure, preventing muscle cramping, strengthening bones and more.

This is food we already use without all the guilt!  It taste amazing and I don't feel bad after eating it.  And when I say I don't feel bad I do mean mentally and physically :)

So of course there is 100% recipes I can use salt and sugar in.

Next up I wanted to feature something a little sweeter.  I make a pretty awesome Cheesecake bar.  The secret ingredient is honey (shh tell no one my aunt has been trying to get this recipe out of me for years.)
This year I plan to use an all new more flavorful honey Rice's honey.
Available nationwide and online, these products offer the highest quality of honey available on the market, all locally sourced, and completely raw and unfiltered. Today, most of the honey we see is processed, robbing it of its nutritional value. All of Rice’s Lucky Clover Honey products are raw and unfiltered, making them high in antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, and full of vitamins and minerals. 

Okay so we covered better ingredients for our recipes.  Now lets talk about a cool way to sneak some veggies into the dinner.  As well all know kids and veggies don't normally mix.  That was until Garden Lites!
The look like muffins!  My kiddos had no clue they were getting a serving of veggies, plus they taste so good :).  Veggies are always the first ingredient.

Don't go yet I have one more amazing product to tell you about for you and your holiday dinner and that is the Original SoupMan soup.  Now this one I tried before and was a fan of even before this post!  This soup is always bursting with flavor and each and everyone has its own unique flavor.  Lets not lie we all have the one item on our table that we cheated.  You know the one you pretend is homemade even though you got it from a box/carton/jar.  Well this year my cheat item is so going to be some Original Soupman soup!  

I don't know about you and your family, but with these new products I have a feeling this is going to be the best holiday dinner ever!!  Fingers crossed things go smoothly this year :)