Micha Doggy Wear

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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I think it is official my pups are the coolest dogs ever!  Okay well Emma sleeps almost all day, but Rufus is pretty cool!
Not only is he the happiest dog ever, but he also may just win the best dressed dog ever as well.
Recently we discovered Micha Doggy Wear!  They sell 2 super cool pup shirts and pup toothbrushes.

So this shirt is so cool looking!  I love the Hawaiian theme and the fact it looks like Rufus is about to hit the waves :)
The material is thin enough that he can wear it around the house without getting overheated.  It is long in the back to reach his bum, but it goes up underneath to avoid messes when he goes bathroom.
My only issue is this shirt is button up!  I kind of wish it was velcro it would make getting it off and on so much easier.

This one was so for Emma.  Emma sleeps almost 20 hours a day.  Had it not been for eating and going bathroom I think she would just sleep straight through the day.  She is a bit older, so I think it is because of old age.
She is just so peaceful though and chilled out all the time.  This shirt was so perfect for her!  Unlike the first one this one just slipped out!  SO much easier to get off and on.  Around the neck it is elastic so it never chocked her it went with her neck and its natural moments.

Most people don't know how important it is to keep up on your pets oral hygiene.  Just like people they can have so many issues.  You need to remove bacteria and plaque on a daily bases to prevent it from building up.
These toothbrushes do that perfectly they reach really far back and can get even the back teeth with little effort on my part!
And if you have an older dog like mine whom has sensitive the soft bristles are perfect!  They don't hurt my pup, but still have enough power to remove that stuck on grim.