Petco is so saving my hair

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"HISS, MEOW, GRR HISS HISS" Bite, scratch, evil eye and run away.  
At least twice a week every week this is how I am woken up.  You see my cat thinks my hair is some sort of wonderland that has been put on this earth just for her pleasure.
As I sleep she just crawls into it and makes herself right at home.  I try to swat her away and she rolls, you know to get in there real good.  At this point in time I try to jerk my head forward and she latches on to my scalp and really starts to burrow into my hair.
And now she is stuck... AGAIN.  And you know it is me and my hair's fault so she hiss and freaks out on my poor head until each she or I get her unstuck.

It had to end so I locked her out of my room.  This then provoked her to cry at my door and destroy the house.  Hell hath no fury like a kitty scorned. 
My hubby suggested I get her some new stuff to make her forget I ditched her.  Again Insert the hissing, growling, biting and scratching/evil eye just this time it was me doing it to my hubby (Just joking!!  I only though about doing it), but for once the man was right.
So I searched online and found some pretty cool stuff.

This food tree awakes all my cats senses.  Her curiosity being the top one.  And her hunting senses being the 2nd.  Cats by nature are hunters, this tree makes her work for her food.  Not hard core to the point that she starves trying to get a scrape of food, but she has to bat around to get it down to the bottom.
Speaking of the bottom it is a really wide base, so I never have to worry about her tipping it over.

The Catit Senses 2.0 Scratcher helps cats to satisfy their natural scratching instincts, steering clear of the home furniture. Scratching is a very enjoyable exercise to cats. It helps them relax and stretch their muscles, spread their scent and even lose redundant nail husks. The Scratcher consists of a durable top, body and base with 8 individual corrugated cardboard discs.

We already had a scratcher, my vet told me it helps with nail health.  I never realized though that cats need constant change or they will get bored.  This scratcher lets me change it up a bit since I can flip, rotate and even take some away!  Plus they are replaceable so even if my kitty ruins a few I can buy more!

Jekyll may never forgive me for kicking her out of my room, but at least now she has something to entertain herself!  My hair and furniture may just survive after all!!!