Pork Rind Appreciation Day

I was compensated with products to promote this giveaway

So I don't want to brag or anything, but I am so in the running for 1st place in my Fantasy Football league!  This is 4 of us still in playoffs and I am winning this week. (So Far)  If I win I go to the championship round next week.

Everyone cheer for me, this would be my first ever 1st place win and I have been in this league for almost 8 years!

Okay enough bragging, lets talk more about football.  As we all know Super Bowl Sunday is huge!  With all the football fans in my house you would think it is a holiday.  We all get together, cheer on our favorite teams and even bet.  Before anyone thinks DID SHE JUT ADMIT SHE BETS ON GAMES!!  By betting I mean if I win my brother has to buy me dinner or my mom has to make me a cheese omelet for the next 4 Saturdays :)!  Harmlessness betting!!
It is a blast and what makes it even better is we all bring some type of food!  Wings are always a must as is some sort of dip and my brother famous cheese platter that he always forgets to cut up and rushes to do it during pregame.
Another thing you can normally find at our party is Pork Rinds.  This year super bowl Sunday and Pork Rind Appreciation Day fall on the same day!  Better yet there is giveaway you can enter to really get into the fun

Pork Rind Appreciation Day is on Super Bowl 2/7/2016
 Matched each year with charitable support, Rudolph Foods will again support the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund, Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides medical and financial assistance to former National Football League (NFL) players in dire need. In response, Rudolph Foods is teaming up with Hall of Famer Bobby Bell to raise money and awareness to support the Gridiron Greats through the annual Pork Rind Appreciation Day campaign.

Between now and the big game, a portion of each purchase of all Rudolph Foods branded products, including Rudolph’s, Southern Recipe, Pepe’s Snacks and Lee’s Pig Skins, will support the organization’s assistance fund. You will also have a chance to play Sack the Quarterback, with NFL Hall of Famer Bobby Bell for a chance to win $3,500 and a year’s supply of pork rinds.

Fans can play Sack the Quarterback at RudolphFoods.com/PorkRindsDay where they will be invited to “sack the quarterback” by hitting the ‘Sack Now’ button, properly timing it for a successful tackle by Bobby Bell. You can try to sack the player as many times per day as they’d like, although they will only be entered to win the prize once per day. Fans can increase their chance of winning by playing every day and sharing the game with friends.