Puppy Go Potty

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
Puppy GO Potty

Potty training your new family member can be tough!  It is so easy to get stressed out and discouraged.  And I have a big heart I so can't yell at my furry little buddy.  During this stressful time it is nice to get all the help you can and thanks to Puppy GO Potty things can now be a bit easier.

Think of it like a cat littler box for puppies.  It contains their mess in an easy to clean up area.  Just like puppy pads you slowly work on getting them to associate potty with outside.  

Puppy Go Potty products help reduce stress and clean up while improving the comfort and happiness of indoor dogs. Their lightweight natural dog litter is highly absorbent with no harmful chemicals, and provides a great solution for ill or senior dogs, doggie daycares, puppy training and more.

Now I got these for my newest little puppy Loki.  He may just be my easiest pup yet, he has pretty much been trained in a week!  I kid you not one week and things are already pretty good.
Sadly it seems my old girl may need them, Emma.

 My old girl just can't make it outside all the time.  During they day we are fine.  She gets up and I automatically get up too knowing she most likely needs to go out.  It is at night time whenI am sleeping that we have the issue.  She tries so hard and a few times now I would wake up to her scratching at the front door.  This is at 3am, by the time I got my slippers on and out to the kitchen she already had an accident.  After taking her to the vet they told me it is just age.  There is nothing I can do, she is healthy just her bladder isn't what it once was.
My poor Emmie get so upset when she has an accident.  I pet her, clean it up and help her back in bed.  I can tell she is upset though.  So I knew this would be perfect for her.  It took me a few tries to get her to use it, but now that she does I have no gotten woken up at 3am.
And she doesn't get upset with herself.  The mess is contained and my little Emma is happy.
For me this is a win win!!
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