Rebel Eau De Parfum

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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Rebel Eau De Parfum

If you want to make that special lady if your life happy this holiday season give her the gift of smelling good :).
And no Brandon this does not mean buy me stuff to make  you a chocolate cake so I can smell like cake batter all day (Sorry sometimes my hubby gets confused lol)
What I mean is parfum, better yet give me a scent that defines me.  A scent that people will smell and think wow that fits her perfectly!
At Archetypes that have a scent to match every personality!

They are gorgeous, sophisticated fragrances capture specific qualities associated with individual archetypes – so they are perfect for anyone on your list!

I personally was sent Rebel Rule Breaker!  

Some where right now my dad is reading this post and nodding his head!  With the subtle scents of mandarin blossom + blond wood this is bold and beautiful at the same time.
  The Rebel Archetype is from the fighting family. You are defined by your need for freedom and justice. Your fragrance preference leans towards the provocative. 
I always call my favorite scent "dark and musky" they no longer sell it at my old store, but it was Dark Kiss.
I don't want to say it smells just like my old scent, it doesn't, but it has that same dark quality I love in my perfume!

And this is just one of the Eau De Parfum Archetype is offering!  They have something for everyone and all their scents are different.  Making find your perfect scent easier than ever before :)