Rufus ADORES Annie's Pooch Pops

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Well world it is me again, Rufus!  

I know, I know you all missed me <3.  What would your lives be with out me?  SO yet again I will update you on the many changes in my life.   Mom and I discovered I've been having breakout because of the detergent she was using on my bedding.  We not switched to Dreft.  I feel so much better!  My boys decorated the house for Christmas.  They also got advent calendars....  I didn't get one!!!  Emma like always sleeps all day and guess what I got a little brother!!
This is my brother Loki, I just love him so much!  I've been teaching him how to collect trash.  He keeps trying to eat it, I tell him no, no we collect these treasures!!  I've also been trying to teach him not to go potty in the house.  That is just uncivilized.  He isn't quite use yet to mom dressing us up, don't worry one day he will understand our sweaters and hats make us studly.  Oh yes and I introduced him to my new favorite treats
Annie's Pooch Pops, you have to realize he is just a youngen.  He is yet to taste all the wonders of the world.

WHAT YOU NEVER HEARD OF ANNIE'S POOCH POPS!! Have you been living under a rock?
They are just the bestest treats ever!
Well they have a little bit of everything.  They even have a happy meal themed box.  I really thought mom got me people food when I first seen it 
They are premium gourmet treat that are healthy and are pretty cool looking.  They taste good and look good.
Here is a look at a few of the treats they offer.

My little brother has so much to learn.  I was happy though that I was able to share one of my favorite treats with him.  Well speaking of my little brother I haven't checked on him in the last 10 minutes.... GOD only knows what mischief he has gotten into!