Spin Master

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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There is just a few more days to get in that last bit of Holiday shopping.  Don't fret readers there is still time :)  If you are by chance still looking for some cute ideas for your kiddos then you need to check out the these two items for Spin Master:
Chubby Puppies and Quick Cups game

Chubby Puppies
We just got a new puppy, his name is Loki

I can't fib I take every chance I can to show him off!!  My family adores him and my older pups are showing him the way of life :).  Sadly my boys don't quite understand that puppies need to sleep!  They think he can play all day long without rest.  
Well most puppies need rest, but now all!!!  The all new puppies from Spin Master never need to rest and they can play with my boys all day long!
Chubby Puppies want to be played with! These adorable pups will become your new best friend. There is several breeds to choose from and each pup comes with their own little accessory.  
Plus you can buy other play-sets for them.

Every little puppy wobbles and hops about to get your attention.  They are so cute!  Their tongues and ear even play about like real puppies and they chase their little toys.
The puppies are only about 4 inches.  So they don't take up much more.  And they are quite unlike a real pup your kiddos can play in the same room as you without giving you a headache!!  (Whoot lol)
And these little guys move pretty fast!  I couldn't believe  how quickly their legs moved!!!
My boys had a blast pretend to teach their puppy tricks.

They seem really durable and really do make for hours of play.

This next product from Spin Master is perfect for the whole family! Quick Cups game

So if you been a fan of my blog long enough you will know that my family has a weekly game night!  Some nights we play board games together, video games and once in awhile we even build a puzzle together.
I look forward to this night each week, I get to spend time with my family and it is always a blast.

Sometimes it is hard to find a game that both adults and kids have a fair chance at.  Quick Cups though is the great equalizer!  It doesn't matter what age you are speed is what wins this game.  Strangely enough my boys have beaten my hubby and I several times!
Each player gets a set of five cups in five different colors. When a picture card is turned over, everyone races to line up or stack up their cups in the same color order as the picture. When the picture is horizontal, you line your cups up. When the picture is vertical, you stack them up. Finish first and ring the bell -- you just won the card! Win the most cards after all have been played, and you win the game! 
I thought for sure this game would be to easy for the hubby and I.  I was so wrong once that card is flipped we all race to line up or stack up our cups.  I kept knocking mine over because I was rushing to much.
You never know the color combination or if it will be vertical or horizontal.
This game is blast and we played over and over again.
There is 24 cards you play until they are all gone and then see whom has the most.  The game doesn't take long to play and we played a few times in one night.

We even found a new way to play where we line up 5 cards and do speed play.  Basically we flip the first card and rush to build that one.  Whom ever wins the card rings the buzzard and then quickly flips the next card without ever stopping.  
It is fun to play both ways!  The one card at a time way or the rapid 5 card way :)