Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sugardaddy's Sumptuous Sweeties

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
Welcome to the 2015 Simply Me Holiday Gift guide!  The holidays should be fun.  At times finding the perfect gift, great deals, decorating and recipes can be overwhelming.  The Simply Me Blog wants to put the fun back into the Holidays so over the next several weeks I will be posting great gifts for everyone, decorating tips, recipes and everything in-between!
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Sugardaddy's Sumptuous Sweeties

Who here has a sweet-tooth?  Anyone who didn't say me please leave my blog now, we cannot be friends!!  JK, but I myself have some sort of super sweet tooth!  I swear my nanny lives a few miles down the road and I can tell when she is making my favorite cookies.  She always jokes I must have cameras in her house.
I don't though when she said that I was tempted.  I hate when my dad and brother get there first, they eat almost all of them!
My hubby claims I am hard to shop for around the holidays little does the man know that clothing, books and candy are always a welcomed gift.
Hmmm clothing I can wearing why eating candy and ready books would be an A+++ gift :)
When I found Sugardaddy's Sumptuous Sweeties I just knew they were the perfect shop for me!

You may not know this about me, but my two favorite sweets are brownies and cheesecake (Even better when the two are combined)
When I see Sugardaddy's Sumptuous Sweeties is all about brownies I nearly passed out!  A whole shopped dedicated to one of my favorite treats! 
Brownie truffles, brownie gifts and brownies in every flavor you can think of!
And instead of Square they are in the shape of circle.  They each come in their own cute container!!
Also when you order a gift box you can pick your flavors!  You can get all the same or several different ones.

To learn more and see all the great products they offer please check out my link below:
Sugardaddy's Sumptuous Sweeties  

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