#ActionCameraKit I got a GoPro for Christmas!!

I was given products in this post for the purpose of review

Got a GoPro for Christmas!! 

A few months ago AI got my hubby a GoPro for review.  I sat envious as I watched him try out all the cool features.  I was happy for him though, I could tell he loved it and he did let me use it when I wanted too.  Then Christmas morning there was an irregular shaped gift under the tree for me.
I only say irregular, because I peek at all my gift and this was one I could not remember peeking at!
When I opened it and seen it was a GoPro of my own I nearly knocked my hubby over with the hug I gave him!  
So not only can a GoPro take videos it can also take photos.  It can attach to almost anything and you can get videos in motion.
There is so many accessories that you can buy for the GoPro cameras that it can become a bit overwhelming at times.
If you are a newbie I would suggest getting this kit!

Gopro Accessories Bundle Kit Case - Free 8GB Memory Card - High Quality Materials - 1 Year Warranty - By ActionCameraKit. 31 in 1 Sports Kit For Gopro 4 Hero 3/2/1 HD SJ4000 5000 6000 7000 Xiaomi

It has everything  you need to get the best videos and photos.  It fits the GoPro perfectly.
So this kit is decent I wouldn't go over the top and say it is the highest quality, but it is a good quality for the price.  
The kit includes:
A case - to keep all your stuff organized and safe

4 adhesive mounts - you can put them on almost anything!  They keep your camera in place so you don't need to hold it.

Suction mount -  This is great for all of you car or goat needs.  It tilts so you can get the angle you want.

Wrist mount -  This one is great not only to keep you camera close by, but also you can get a great POV with this one accessory.

The Selfie Stick - So this happens to be my kiddos favorite!  You can no clue how many documentaries they made with this one!  I upload my videos just to have 10 of them explaining to the camera why they love Minecraft Story mode lol

A 8GC MircoSD Card - My hubby already got me one of these, but it is nice to have an extra one on hand.

QuickClips - There are great for a quick setup

Camera Tether - I love this one it keeps your GoPro on your wrist you don't have to worry about losing it!  I can see myself using this one a lot at amusement parks.  I am always afraid I am going to set my camera down and lose it.

Head Strap - This one can be worn on your head or even on a helmet.  My hubby insist he is going to use this one next time he rides his 4 wheeler....  Yeah I don't think so that man comes back covered in mud!  No way is getting my cool kit dirty lol

There was a few other items, but the ones I mentioned above were my favorite features.
It really does have everything you need to get started.
As I said the quality is soso, but for the price you can't beat it!