Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review
I am so that girl with the bag full of nail polish!  I have gel polish, glitter polish, crackle polish and everything in between.

I have at last count at least 40 bottles.  And I have a color for every occasion and for every outfit I know! 
I mean come on you so can not where a cobalt blue polish with a peach pink summer dress!!  That would look horrible.  My hubby hates the smell on nail polish and I change my color every single week!  The poor man is always yelling at me lol

So even though I change my color each week I still want something that will last.  I am a stay at home mom.  That means I do all the cleaning, cooking, laundry and all the other chores around the house.  Not to mention I just got a puppy who seems to think fingers are on the food pyramid.
I want something that isn't going chip in just a few minutes.
A few months ago I found Duri and I feel in love with their polish.
The colors are always bold and pretty.
They go on so smoothly and stay on!  I very seldom have to do a touch up.
And they come off easily too with polish remover.  I hate polish that leaves behind stains.  For light colors it isn't so bad, but when I do a red or black those stains can be such a pain.
Duri wipes off easily.
So we all know the big Vday is coming up and of course I want to do pinks and reds on my nails!!
Duri offers the perfect color pallet

Duri offers over 250 shades to choose from including the aptly named EVERY DAY IS A VALENTINE a pigment rich true red, CUPID RULES a modern bubblegum pink and even a ten digit worthy pastel floral bouquet ICED ROSES. And nothing says Valentine’s Day more than UNEXPECTED KISS, a sheer, orchid pink and SWEETHEART, a bright, red-orange shade. 

Duri has become one of my favorite polish brands.  I trust them to look good every time and at only $6 a bottle you can't beat their prices.
Whether to keep or gift —Duri nail polishes are the perfect gift and get mani/pedi's in a fun, festive and amorous mood.  Customize four favorite hues in a red and metallic embossed Valentine's Day Gift Box.  Individual bottles retail for only $6 each and the Gift Box 4-Pack retails for $24. Available nationwide at Duri
  So I realize I can tell you how great Duri is, but it would just be so much better to show you!
A few days ago I used Duri's unexpected kiss.  A very pretty pink/purple color.
I painted my other nail in a different brand blue color
3 days later

As you can see the Duri polish is still going strong!  The blue is a bit chipped and just looks a little dull.
To learn more and see all the colors they have offer check out my links below: