A Unique Valentine's Day Gift

Disclaimer:  I was given a gift code to purchase products of my choosing from this Zazzles.  All opinions are my won.  I was not paid to write this review.
For those of you who don't know me personally I want to admit something to you.  I am not normal.....
I am wacky, unique and a bit weird.   It works for me though.
I know you are most likely thinking, umm okay?  The reason I am telling you this is because in order for you understand this post you have to realize I love all things unique.  
Which is why my living-room decor theme is steampunk/vintage!  It is a fun mix-match of clocks, gears, swords, dragons, damask, candles, ships, goggles, trunks and even a hourglass! 
That is so my style.
When I logged onto Zazzle's website and seen they had a huge selection of Steampunk and Dragon stuff it was love at first site.
So here is how their site works.  You type whatever your little heart wants into their search box.  You are then giving a huge selection of items.  You can thin out this selection by picking home, notecards, pet ect...
Say you pick home, you can now pick lamp, throw blankets and so many other sub categories. 
From there you can thin it out even more by picking a price range.  I loved this!  Finding what I want was super easy.
So thumbs up right away for making their site really easy to use.
After shopping around for an hour I finally picked 2 things.
A super cute gel mouse pad that looks like a clock and a dragon trinket box.

The Lookout Premium Gift Box

This cute little box is 3X3 making it the perfect size to store little treasures.  Such as earrings, necklaces and even loose change.  The magnetic lid easily comes off and quickly back on.  The dragon on the front in stunning the colors are beautifully done and it is the perfect collectors pieces.

Steampunk Clocks Gold Gears Mechanical Gifts Gel Mouse Pad

If you like the steampunk look this mouse pad is for you.  The exposed gear look is really cool!  The gold, white and black color scheme looks striking.  I adore the gel, I always get a sore wrist when on the computer.  This gel provides an awesome cushion for my wrist.

Both items are high quality and only 2 of many items offered at Zazzles.  You so need to check them out.  Just type in whatever you are looking for in the search box and they will most likely have it :)