Disclaimer:  I was given a product for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
When I think of the word mother a few words come to mind.  Strength, courage, selfless, powerful, determined, loving, generous, compassionate, invincible, beautiful. 
I am sure if i took the time I could make an entire page or words to describe mothers, but those are the ones that come to my mind first.
When it comes to our little ones we are all those things and more.  I very seldom seen my mom angry and when I did it was on my behalf.  She would have taken on the world for me if I asked her to.  As the mom of two little boys I get that, there is no line I wouldn't cross for them.
I hate when I see mom's compete and compare themselves.  Arguing who does it better.  We should be picking each other up, not knocking one another down.

Motherhood is the greatest thing I have ever done and will ever do.  And I am proud to be part of an elite club of strong, brave, selfless, compassionate, take on the world group of women.

And I finally have a way to give back to my fellow mothers thanks to Bravado Designs Launches 
The just launched their“Support Her Dream” Campaign to Donate 10,000 Nursing Tanks to Baby Buggy

 With every purchase of the NEW Bravado Dream Nursing Tank   through April at and national and specialty retailers, Bravado will donate a nursing tank to Baby Buggy to help ensure moms in need have a successful start to their breastfeeding journey. The donation goal of 10,000 nursing tanks is valued at nearly half a million dollars and will be distributed to the organizations Baby Buggy serves throughout North America. Beverley Mitchell, actress and mother of two, was inspired when she heard about the Support Her Dream campaign. “There's nothing more important to me than being a mother to my two children. I've been blessed with being able to give them everything they need from the start, but I'm very aware that many mothers don't have the same circle of support or resources, especially when it comes to their breastfeeding journey,” says Beverley. “I was touched when I heard about the Bravado Designs Support Her Dream campaign because it gives moms the chance to directly help a mom in need. I knew right away I wanted to help raise awareness for the cause.” 

 The New Dream Nursing Tank is so comfortable!  These are great to wear around the house or even on the go!  Plus they look super cute, I have been layering mine with blazers, but when it gets warm outside I can see myself just wearing the tank by itself.

It comes down to my hips so I love that it gives me the coverage I need.  It also features a double layer, cotton full support built-in nursing bra Removable foam inserts for discretion and shape.

The straps deliver perfect support, I have worn mine a few times and I am yet to get those unsightly indents,

I love it!  You can get it in several colors so you can get one for each outfit.
Best of all though you are helping out a fellow mom.  Regardless if you breastfeed or bottle-feed you have to admit it feels pretty freaking good knowing you are helping out another new time mom.