Celebrating the Oscars

If you are having an Oscar party you so need snacks!  Now this is the Oscars so it needs to be something with a little class ;)
A few days ago my sister, myself and my 2 kiddos each came up with a Red Carpet Worthy snack using Sour Jacks.
We are going to have the family vote of their favorite (ballot form of course) to see whom's is the favorite.
I wanted to let all of you get in of the fun as well.
So with out further ado here is our creations
I made a super fun drink, featuring a Lemon-aid sour jack
Don't worry that isn't wine it is just our favorite juice!
My sister made a chocolate fondue featuring the wild-berry flavor 

My youngest who is 5 wanted a fruit kaboom so he made a strawberry and watermelon sour jack kaboom (Yes I know it isn't really a kaboom, but that is what he calls them lol) 

And this dear readers was created by my 8 year old.  And I have a feeling his is going to beat out all of ours because it is just so good!
Green Apple Sour Jacks drizzled with caramel! 

I would love to hear what you are serving at your Oscar party!  If you want to mimic any of ours please check out my link below: