Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for review.  All opinions are my own

Snack with two little boys can be hard.  Some times I just want to open whatever bag of chips I can find and hand it to them!  And trust me some times I do, do this.  I am only a perfect mom 2 days a week ;)
In all seriousness though my kids are 5 and 8 and it seems they change their mind once a week.
For the longest time spaghetti was their favorite so I made Thursday night Spaghetti night.
Fast forward 2 weeks ahead and now they HATE it!  They can't even look at it lol
The same goes for snacks one week it is their favorite and then it isn't.
That is why we like to try new things and Graze gives us the chance to do that!

Each month they send a box of snacks for us to try and see what we love.
They are the perfect snack size portion.  You tell them what you love and they send you a box made just for you.
Their snacks have GM ingredients, no artificial flavors or colors, no high fructose corn syrup and no trans fat .
They are a healthy option!
I was sent a box with 8 graze snacks.  They were
Pretzels with chocolate sauce
sweet mustard ranch pretzels and cashews
Sunflower, pumpkin and flaxseed pack
thai and sweet chili bites (the sauce with these was so good!!) 
fruit and seed flapjack
hazelnut, peanut, cranberry and raisin trail mix
dried fruit pineapple, mango and coconut
kettle corn kern pops

Everything was so good and really was the perfect snacking size.
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You can check them out here: