Homasy Oil Diffuser

Disclaimer  I was given the products in this review for the purpose of review and to provide my honest feedback.
For anyone not using an oil diffuser you have no clue what you are missing.  Not only do they make our homes smell amazing, but they also have a lot of health benefits.  Did you know each essential oil has a different benefit?  I currently have a cold and have peppermint to help open my sinuses.  At night time I have frankincense or lavender to relax me and get rid of insomnia.  And there is so many other scents with so many other uses.
The great thing about a diffuser is they spread the scents and oils through out your home making everyone benefit from them.
A good diffuser can last awhile.  This Homasy Oil diffsuer does just that!  

I fill it up first thing in the morning then let it go to do its thing.  With in a few minutes my entire house smells amazing.  Unlike other diffusers I own I have to remove the water reserve in this one to fill.  It is a little more work, but not a huge deal.
I like though that this one hold so much water!  I have it running most of the day before it runs out.  A few times it even has some left as I was getting ready for bed.
You can choose to have the mist on by itself or with the light.  I like that I don't have to have the light on.  As I said sometimes I use it at night to relax.  At 28 I don't need a night light any more ;)
The touch button is located right on the front so you don't need to pick it up or anything to access it.
Also it plugs in!!  No batteries need.  For me this was a HUGE plus I use my diffusers every single day.  There is no way I would want to keep changing a battery.
And of course since it is releasing a mist it really does help to moisten the air.  We had a rough winter here in PA I need all the moister I can get right now!!  My house is so dry, the mist has really been helping.

Now with so many choices out there I know it can be tough to narrow it down so let me give you the link to Homasy.  I have had quite a few diffusers and as a long time user this one gets the thumbs up from me!