Lets Celebrate Valentine's Day the right way with L'Occitane

Disclaimer:  I was given a gift code to purchase products of my choosing from this Zazzles.  All opinions are my won.  I was not paid to write this review.
Lets Celebrate Valentine's Day the right way with L'Occitane

You know it is a huge misconception that men don't like to be pampered!  A few years ago I found an artisan bath company that sells bath bombs and bath salts.  I told my dad and he was just as excited as I was!  Every-time I placed an order I made sure to call him and see what he wanted.
When my hubby has a bad day I work I always draw him a warm bubble bath and add my favorite bath salts.  He of course puts up a front and tells me he isn't a girl.  But he always ends up relaxing in the tub and almost falling asleep.
When I found out L'Occitane was offering both men and women items this Valentine's Day I just knew I had to get something for my hubby.  And since I am a brat something for myself as well.
If you never used L'Occitane before think of you favorite bath or beauty products.  Now times them by 1000 and that is how awesome L'Occitane products are :)
So I got to try out two gift sets.  I want to mention the sets and scents I reviewed are just two of many

Verbena Voyage Collection

 Spice things up and keep it zesty with this lemony citrus verbena set. The combination of verbena essential oils, orange, and lemon tree will a refreshing and reviving shower experience for both men and women alike. Includes a Verbena Shower Gel, Verbena Body Milk, Verbena Hand Cream and Bonne Mere Verbena Soap

I love the spicy citrus smell on my hubby!  I never have the heart to tell him that some of his body wash is just to strong.  This has a lovely natural kind of smell.  And the scent stays with him all day!  He can get a bath in the morning and even after a day of playing ball with our boys in the yard he still smells good :)

Divine Collection

 Show her how precious she is with our ultimate skincare regimen. Offering luxurious radiance in a box,this set captures the age-defying benefits of the precious Immortelle essential oil to leave skin looking more youthful and rejuvenated. Includes Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam, Divine Cream, Divine Eyes and Divine Lotion.
 On April 5th I will be 29!  And no one warned me about age!  I wake up some morning and my back hurts!  Once in awhile even my hip gets sore.  Worse of all is my skin, it has seen better days.  There is no way to stop aging, but thanks to L'Occitane Divine collection at least I can do it gracefully.  Everything smells great, so I can take care of my face without that harsh chemical smell that is so many other products.  Plus it leaves my skin feeling smooth and not at all greasy.
After just a few days of use my skin feels healthy and alive!  I never though I would use that word to describe my skin, but right now that is so how my face feels :)