Pilot at Shoplet

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  all opinions are my own.
Quinn is going to regular school this year :(.  My littlest man is going to be leaving me 5 days a week for several hours a day and I am heartbroken.  I am so proud of him though and excited to see him start this new chapter of his life.
The other day we got an inch thick packet in the mail.  Inside were hundreds of papers that I had to fill out and take with me to his screening in March.
My poor hand almost fainted lol
Thanks to several new pens I recied it wasn't so bad though :)!  We wizzed on through and besides the papers his dentist and doctor have to fill out we are done!!  Whoot go Team Me.
Wondering what pens I was using?
Acroball Pro Hybrid Pens

The pack includes black, red and blue.  Here is what I love about these, they write super smooth!  I never have to go back over a space and my writing just flows.  When filling out as many papers as I did the last thing you want is a faulty pen.
The ink does dry pretty quickly, but I did have a smudge or two if I hit the ink by accidnet.  No big deal though, I write right handed so my palm doesn't drag over my work. :)

Acroball Ballpoint Pens

So I really love this set and they have actually become my new favorite pen!  There is no smudging at all!  I can write all I want and no matter how many times I bump my words they don't smear.
Also the writing again is smooth and goes effortlessly on the page.
Finally I love that the point is smaller, when filling at forms they give you an inch of space to write your address my town only has 15 letters!  I need a small point pen for these types of forms and this one is perfect. 

Acroball Colors Pens

What drew me to these pens was the brightness!  The ink goes on and looks almost like gel!  But it is smooth and doesn't run or glob onto the page.

And last, but not least was the Dr. Grip Frosted Pen
This pen write so smoothly that it glides across the paper.  The soft finger grip makes sure my fingers never get cramped.  Also it is light weight so I never have to worry about my hand getting tired.

When sitting in front of a mountain of papers it is nice to know you have a pen you can count on!  The pens above get the job done without causing you more stress!
You can find them all at Shopet