Reviva Labs

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own after using the products.  No payment was given to write this post

My skin and I have been having a 28 year battle.  It starts off oily and has build up, so I use a product to get rid of that.  In turn it gets dried out and dehydrated.  So I use a product to help with that....  Which makes my skin oily again!!  Around and around we go.
You know when you were a kid and the teacher would give you chalk to do a promblem on the board?  You would write and after you were done the next kiddo would erase it.  The thing is no matter how much they erased there was still some chalk dust left behind.  That is how I feel with my skin, there is always something left behind.
I could always tell when the janitor was in our room, because he would wipe the board down with some kind of solution.  Making it sparkle clean and looking brand new.
Almost like giving it a fresh start.  Yes there would be more chalk on it and it would eventually get to the point where it needed the solution again, but for those first few hours it was perfect and clean.

For anyone thinking dear god what is this woman talking about again, be patient My rambling normally has a point ;)
Our skin is like that chalk board, yes we can do the day to day wipe down and outer layer clean.  But every once in awhile we need a solution or product that really get down into our pores and gets out that deep seeded build up.
Reviva Labs offers to amazing Exfoiants that really gets into your facial skin and gets the bad stuff out.
First lets talk about their

When we clean our skin it removes dried skin cells, what I like to call the build up.  It also removes make-up, dirt, extra oil, ect.
This Light Skin Peel goes a step further by getting the stuff below the surface.  Using this product just once a week will give skin a tighter more youthful look.
After just one use your skin will feel and look fresher!
And it is so easy to use.  Apply to your face, let sit 3-5 minutes, wipe away with fingers, towel or sponge.
So this is one skin care choice.  If it doesn't sound like something you would use don't worry they have many more.
Another choice is their

Pomegranate/Lactic Acid Exfoliant

This one can be used 3 times a week.  I adore the smell of this one!  It has a really nice light fruity scent.  Again you apply it the same way.  Rub it on, let it try then rub it off!  So easy.  Afterwards my skin feels refreshed and looks brighter/healthier.

I have used both products and to be honest I couldn't pick a favorite!  I love them both.  If I were forced to choose one and only one it would be the Pomegranate Exfoliant.  Only because it smells so good!  They both work amazing though :)