The year I almost hurt my hubby on Valentine's Day

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February 14 2005 I was a junior in high school.  My boyfriend was a bit older than me and had already graduated.  I was sitting in study hall when my name was announced over the loud speaker "Savannah Blankenhorn please report to the office.  In true classroom form all the kids started going "OOOO someone is in trouble!"
Down to the office I went head hung thinking oh no what did I do now.  In I walked to a huge boutique of flowers, a balloon, chocolate and a stuffed bear.  *The Bears name was Rufus by the way, in 2012 many years later when I got my puggle this is where he got his name :)*
For everyone going aww how sweet, you need to remember I was 17!  To me this was the ultimate betrayal!  Bright red in face I grabbed the offensive items ran down the hall, trying to beat the bell so I could ram them all into my locker.  Of course the bell went off and the halls filled with other students as I stood there holding these items.  Which lead to "Someone is in love SOMEONE IS IN LOVE!!" being cheered in the halls.  I swore to kill my goofy boyfriend when I got home!
He knew what he did because the first thing he did when I seen him that night was start laughing and ask me all innocently "Anything happen today?"
3 years later I married the goofy man :)

Every Vday since has been special and I feel like he always tries to out do that first time.  Sometimes 28 year old me looks back at backwards shy 17 year old and smiles.  Nothing will ever top that day.
Don't worry Valentine's Day is his day to tease me.  He knows I hate being the center of attention in public.  April fools day is all mine though.  I am quite the prankster at home!
We always celebrate the night before Vday because I hate large crowds.  My hubby puts on his best outfit (Which he picks out 3 minutes before we leave) and I spend an entire week picking the perfect hairstyle, the cutest dress, nail color, eye shadow, purse, jewelry and everything else!  Heck I even make sure to plan which perfume I want to wear.

I haven't gotten it all figured out quite yet, but here are some of this year choices:

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  No matter what you look like just have fun :).  A smile is the sexiest thing a person can wear.