88 Handbags Easter SALE!!

Disclaimer:  I was given a product in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
It seems fitting that my little guy is watching The Great and Powerful OZ as I type this post.  Because when I choose I hand Bag I need it to be both great and powerful.
When I get ready in the morning both my planners, wallet, pens, hair ties, make up and Bible go into the purse.  I then walk into the kitchen and throw in some hard candy for me (I have sinus issues my throat is always sore), a few snacks for the kids and a bottle of water.  I now grab a handful of tissues and shove them inside.  And if it is going to be a particular long day I normal throw in some small toys to keep the kiddos entertained.
I still need to get my cell phone and keys in there 
So yes my purse is more then just a purse, it needs to be more or a travel tote/lunch box.  So size is a huge thing with me.
The Natalie from 88 provides just that.
As you can see the purse is both deep and opens wide.  Providing me not only with space, but also I like the fact I can really open it up and see inside.  There are several pouches so I can keep everything organized.
Another great feature is the fact that it has a shoulder strap and a handheld part so I can adjust how I wear it.

It does sit up right, that way when I sit it next to me it doesn't topple over and spill out.
The material is really easy to clean and wipes off with just a simple wet cloth.
And of course as with all my hand bags it needs to look cute!
TADA  I don't know about you, but to me that bag is pretty stinking cute!!

Right now 88 Handbags is offer a 20% off coupon of 4 select bags the Halina, Natalie, Anna, and Vera.
The sale will be going on from March 19 until March 27 so hurry time is running out!! 
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