Car Radio, public enemy number 1

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I cannot be the only mom who takes a deep breath before she turns on the car radio.  And prays that there is no bad words and suggestive songs playing!  I can't be the only mom who is let down time and time again.  I can't even drive 10 minutes without a bad word playing over my radio or some girl/guy singing about something dirty.
I don't know if music has always been this bad, or if I am for the first time hearing it with mom ears.  Every-time though I quickly turn it off and peak into my mirror to see if my kiddos heard.  The suggestive songs normally don't click for them.  It kind of goes over their head what they are talking about.  The bad words though normally have my kiddos eyes as big as silver dollars and their jaws dropped!  I call it a look of horror.  They don't hear that kind of talk often.

 I am forced to put in our Frozen sound track and listen to Let it Go for the millionth time.  I like the song, but not every single day of my life lol
My hubby and I started a Christian music collection.  When we decided to do it it was like a DUH moment.  We both like the music and have it on our devices, but we never though to get CD's for the car.  
It is the best of both words.  We get to hear music that we as adults like and I don't have to worry about the kids hearing stuff they shouldn't.  Plus my kiddos like the songs as well!!  Every time we hear the God's Not Dead song they both put up their hands and make lion motions at the roaring part.

My hubby and I have each introduce each other to our favorites.  Mine though has always been and will always be MercyMe.
When I was a teenager one my favorite songs ever was "I Can Only Imagine" by MercyMe.  If you never heard this song you so need to!!  No matter how many times I hear it it still brings tears to my eyes :).  A good kind of tears!!
When I seen the MercyMe Welcome to the New CD I just knew I had to share it with my family.  I will admit I haven't heard any of their new songs, but now that I have I am so impressed!
It has gotten to the point where Frozen is at the bottom of the car pile and MercyMe is always on top.  My boys ask me to play, Gotta Let it Go, over and over again!

MercyMe has good wholsome music that the whole family can enjoy.
This particular CD has 10 songs
Welcome to the New
Gotta Let it Go
Finish What he Started
New Lease on Life
Wishful Thinking
Burn Baby Burn
Dear Younger Me

We all sing along to the songs and it is music you can dance too!  Now when I peak in my mirror it isn't to see looks of shock and horror on my kiddos face, I see them wiggling and jamming out in the back seat :)!

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