Giraffe Razor Extension Handle

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
I think at some point in time we have all had a razor incident.  For me it was a few years ago I had my legs on the edge of the tub, when my foot slipped and I got a HUGE gash on my leg!  Thankfully no stitches were needed, but to this day my hubby still gets queezy when I bring up that story.
It was a pretty wicked cut.  When I heard of the Giraffe Razor Extension handle being great for people with limited mobility I kept thinking it would also be great to prevent the sort of cuts I got!!  You could keep your feet on solid ground and still get those hard to reach places!
Here is more information about the product:

Bridging the Gap between Dependency to Self-sufficiency: Giraffe Razor Extension Handle

In the evolution of the razor with all of its technological advances on getting a close shave; it has yet to evolve in the designing of the razor handle to include people limited in flexibility and mobility. How can you get a close shave if you can not get close enough to shave?
There are millions of women each year who are unable to shave their legs due to the discomfort of symptoms associated with a chronic medical condition or the post-operative phase of hip and knee replacement surgery and the third-trimester of pregnancy. All of these conditions decrease flexibility and mobility and therefore, make shaving difficult if not impossible with a short-handledrazor. As a consequence, some women just “give up” on shaving their legs entirely or resort to a caregiver or loved one to carry out this personal daily care routine.
There is now an option for these women to shave their legs independently with comfort and safety. Introducing the Giraffe RazorExtension Handle, a shaving accessory designed to customize the length and angle of your premium disposable or reusable razor.

The Giraffe’s Features:
  • Adds 15-20 inches in Length to a Razor Handle – Eliminates Bending at the Waist
  • No Slip Grip with Rubberized Finish – Perfect for Anyone who has Arthritis
  • Quick Connect and Release Buttons – Ease of Use
  • Pivoting Head Rotates to a 30°, 45° or  90° angle – Maximizes Flexibility
  • Two Universal Razor Attachments, Small, and Large
  • Accommodates the Most Popular Men’s and Women’s Premium Disposable and Reusable Razors on the Market Today
  • Wrist Lanyard – Conveniently Wear around your Wrist for Easy Retrieval
The Giraffe’s Benefits Include:
  • Safety - Decreases the Risk of Falling
  • Comfort - Minimizes Lower Back Strain
  • Privacy, Independence and Time Management
  • Broadens Options for Wearing Comfortable Clothing
  • Positive Self-Image
  • Improve Quality of Life
The Giraffe is easy to use: just lock in the razor, adjust the length, choose the desired angle, and you are ready to shave!
The Giraffe is available for $29.99 on Amazon and