Lets Do Baseball season right with Spaze Apparel

Disclaimer:  I was given this shirt to wear and give my honest feedback

It is that time of the year when we have some sort of practice every single night.  My hubby coaches my oldest sons team and his assitant coaches my youngest son team.  And when we aren't playing baseball we are watching it or actually going to games!!  Go Phillies!! 

Here is the thing though, my kiddos may have their uniform, but my hubby looks pretty strange standing out there in his work clothing.  Thanks to Spaze Apparel though he will finally look the part is his brand new Bella+Canvas 3000C Mens Jersey Long-Sleeve Baseball T-Shirt

We got it in cardinal red and grey, but they have so many colors to pick from.  That way you can match your favorite sports team or even your kiddos team if you are coaching.
The material is super soft, but hubby likes to run around with the kids and he said it is important that the material doesn't rub weird.  And this shirt doesn't.  He loves it.  It is so comfortable I tried to wear it to bed a few times.  Which normally results in my hubby yelling about my $80 pjs and there is no need for me to be stealing his clothing lol
It comes in size s-2xl so you are sure to find your size.
And if you are in a rush to get it fear not!  It took 2 days for me to have my new shirt.   Okay my HUBBY'S new shirt :)
I can't say enough good things about this company.  They offer affordable clothing, that is both comfy and durable and they get it to you quickly.  What more could you want when shopping?