Picnic Season is Upon us!!

I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own.
My boys and I love to go on picnics when it gets warm outside!  There is nothing like packing up a basket, walking to our favorite spot and just enjoying each others company.

To make a Picnic perfect you of course need a few essentials:

Blanket to sit on
Pillow to lay back on and watch the clouds
a kite or ball to play with when you are done eating
Or a good book if you are an adult
and a large basket to store it all

That is it!  Stuff you already have in your home!!  It makes for a super fun day out with your kiddos and packing up the basket is just as much fun as the actually picnic.   After we eat we always play a game of kick ball, watch the clouds, fly a kite if it is windy or sometimes I just read a book to them.  A few times now we took our puppy Loki with us and the kids have a blast tossing the Frisbee for him.  And of course we all take turns using the camera taking photos of the things we want to remember. 

If you are looking for snack ideas keep it simple.  We take a sandwich for everyone.  Some fruit, cookies, crackers, cut up cheese and puppy treats for Loki.
As for drinks I normally bottle up some of my favorite tea or if it is a little cooler I take a thermos of hot chocolate.  The kiddos on the other hand love their Juicy Juice Teasers

 Juicy Juice Teasers

offers older kids the beverage variety they are looking for in a lower-sugar, refreshing beverage that tastes delicious. Like all Juicy Juice beverages, Juicy Juice Teasers contains no high fructose corn syrup, no cane sugar, and no artificial sweeteners

Spending time with your kiddos doesn't need to cost a lot.  A simply lunch outdoors can put a smile on both kiddos and adults faces :)