Chuck E. Cheese's Tax Day BOGO

You know how sometimes you have to ask your kiddos the same question over and over again?
Quinn can you put your dirty cloths in the hamper?
Brandon did you brush your teeth?
Do you boys clean your room?
Did you remember to put away your bikes?
Can you please finish your dinner?

I think this is something all parents have to put up with from time to time!  At 29 though I still ignore my dad sometimes when I don't want to answer him so no selective hearing isn't just for kids lol

You know the one question my kids never EVER have a hard time hear..
Who wants to go to Chuck E. Cheese's
Yup before those words can even fully leave my mouth I have two kids all but knocking me over trying to get out of the door, as they cheer Chuck E. Cheese's

And this Monday April 18th Chuck E. Cheese's is offering a deal both parents and kids will be cheering about

Their Buy One Get one Deal On Monday, April 18, when consumers purchase a large Chuck E. Cheese's Thin & Crispy pizza, they get a second large cheese pizza FREE. It's that easy – no partial deductions, no forms and no loopholes needed. This offer is valid at any Chuck E. Cheese’s store.

The offer is valid for any of Chuck E. Cheese's Thin & Crispy pizzas, including the Thin & Crispy Pepperoni pizza, which beat Pizza Hut in a nationwide blind taste test and the popular Cali Alfredo, with fresh spinach, mushrooms, chicken, sausage and a creamy Alfredo sauce. Chuck E. Cheese's Tax Day BOGO is available on April 18 only, so load up your dependents and celebrate Uncle Sam's big day the Chuck E. way.