Dear God Let me be Content

My prayers last week focused on the fact I am never Content.  I always want more clothing, a bigger house, a nicer car.  I want this, that and oh yeah one of those.  And then I start to convince myself that my life would just be better if I had this random thing.

Here is the thing no it really wont!  A house is a house, I spend most of my time in 3 rooms... How many rooms do I really need?  Yes I may only have 1 bathroom and no garage....  But those are wants not needs.
  No my car isn't cool/pretty and it so needs a new paint job, but it runs and it is safe.
I am sure I would look super cute in that $70 dress, but guess what I have 3 at home that look just like it.
I need to be content.  I started this new thing whenever I want something I ask myself do I NEED it?  Sometimes the answer is yes.  Last week I had to get medicine that is a need.  Yes I do need to put gas in my car and food in my home.  Those are needs.
No I don't need new sandals, my old ones are fine.  And No I don't need to go pay $60 for my family to see a movie at the theaters it will come out on DVD at some point and we can have a movie night and rent it.

So after I discover it is not a NEED I still struggle.  I still want it, my flesh is still demanding its pleasure.  So I make a mental list of all the things I already have.  Of all the blessings God has already giving me.  Afterwards I feel content.
God gave me life, a family, a safe place to live, God gave me a way to feed myself, to clothe myself, He gave me friends.  And the list goes on and on.
God gave me everything and I am really going to pout over not getting new shoes??
No!! I am starting to look at things a lot differently.
It is nice to have goals and wants, but when you feel un-content and like your life just isn't as good as someone else you have to re-evaluate. 
Your happiness shouldn't come for material goods.  It comes from you, it comes from your relationship with God.

Ecclesiastes 5:10-17

Whoever loves money never has enough;
    whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income.
    This too is meaningless.
As goods increase,
    so do those who consume them.
And what benefit are they to the owners
    except to feast their eyes on them?
The sleep of a laborer is sweet,
    whether they eat little or much,
but as for the rich, their abundance
    permits them no sleep.
13 I have seen a grievous evil under the sun:
wealth hoarded to the harm of its owners,
    or wealth lost through some misfortune,
so that when they have children
    there is nothing left for them to inherit.
Everyone comes naked from their mother’s womb,
    and as everyone comes, so they depart.
They take nothing from their toil
    that they can carry in their hands.
16 This too is a grievous evil:
As everyone comes, so they depart,
    and what do they gain,
    since they toil for the wind?
All their days they eat in darkness,
    with great frustration, affliction and anger.