Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the puprose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.
My hubby has eye insurance.   Him and my oldest son are both on it.   My youngest son and I are not, I have had the same glasses for years and my youngest doesn't need them *Yet!
Last month I was going to put my youngest on the insurance just in case he would need them for school.  I was going to make an eye doctor appointment to get him checked out...
My hubby's insurance doesn't have open enrollment until October.  :(  Thankfully I talk to his regular doctor and he told me no there is no issues I don't need to get him into an eye doctor, but it was kind of a downer for me.
Had he need glasses I would have been out  LOTS of money, money I don't have.  So of course I searched the internet to find a place that offers cheap glasses.  That is how I found the GlassesShop they offer affordable prescription eyeglasses that wont break your bank!  And the glasses are so cute!!  There is so many styles that everyone is sure to find what they love.

So first I went onto the site and looked through of their glasses and Sunglasses
I picked the Atwood Black Eyeglasses 

After I picked them I was able to mess around with the lens.  I could pick things such as distance, reading and computer use.  I could also put in my RX and PD if I wanted to.  I could even mess with the lens color and that was just a few ways I could personalize my eyeglasses.  And If I really truly wanted too I could just get glasses with glass in them!!  No prescription glass needed.
Okay I know you all want to see how awesome I look in my new glasses

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