Lasting Love: How to Avoid Marital Failure

Disclaimer:  I was given this product for free to provide my honest feedback

We sadly live in a time where giving up is just easier then putting in some hard work. I realized this sad fact one day when my hubby and I were mad at each other and I heard my 8 year old whisper to my 5 year old "I hope they don't get a divorce" Shocked I looked at him and explained "marriage is forever!" But I was sad that he lived in a time where that isn't true, where so many marriage bonds are broken over things that could be fixed or avoided.
Where getting divorced is so easy, that isn't the way God intended for marriage to be. 
Even though my marriage is in a good place, I want to keep it there. (By the way my hubby was mad at me because I deleted a football he recorded and I was mad he yelled at me. It was just a silly fight that was over almost as fast as it started.)
This book gives you some tools to keep your marriage in a good place and even tools to get your marriage back to that good place. And it is all common sense, once you read it you just kind of think to yourself 'yeah that really does make sense!'
This is what I liked:
Very easy to read and understand. Alistair Begg points out things in ways I never looked at them before. I really liked the section where he broke down the marriage vows. It made me look at my hubby's and my special day in a whole new way. It also says we can't redefine our marriage to suit our mood of the moment, I liked this. My marriage is a covenant between my hubby, myself and God. I can't just be part of it when things are good, I take the good and bad.

I like that it was broken down in sections. Some were tough, I would read it and need to chew over it a bit, since it was broken down I could always go back later and reread that part.
Sometimes I would reread with my hubby, that way I got a whole new perspective on it.

I like when the book talks about the role of a women. It does so without making us sound like maids, it was actually beautifully written and gave us a place of honor in our marriage.

He refers to the Bible quite a bit and gives us Biblical facts to back up what he is saying. And he picked out some great scripture to go along with the book.

Everything is easy to apply to your life. You wont read this book and think it is to impossible to apply to everyday living. Since most of it is common sense it is so easy to incorporate into your daily life!

Now I liked the entire book, I really did, but my favorite part was Pulling Weeds. My hubby and I are rereading this part together and working on a little bit each day. We are trying to apply them all, but we are getting down and dirty and talking about our trouble areas once a day.  In great detail!
Sadly there is so many weeds we need to remove, nothing major we just want to get them out before they over take our marriage

And the last bit is a study guide. Something you and your spouse can work on together.
This book is a great way to grow an already put together marriage or even a great book to read before you start that journey. Either way you will walk away feeling empowered and feeling like your marriage can face any troubles! 
 This is my first book from Alistair Begg, but thanks to a purchased I made 2 minutes ago I can promise it would be my last! This man has a way with words that is very empowering and lets the reader feeling good, not guilty. I feel like after reading this book my marriage is ready to take on anything!!