Lights, Camera, Take Action: Fifty-Two Weeks to a Better Life, One Movie at a Time

Disclaimer:  I was given a copy of this book to provide my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
I am so that person that cries during movies.  I try to hide it by pulling my hood up or turning my face a bit, but if you ever watch a movie with me and you hear my sniffling there is a good chance I am crying.
I laugh loud and without reserve if something is funny to me I don't hold it back.
I have been known to get mad at certain characters and trash talk them to my hubby.  At which point he tells me "You know it is just a movie right"
Needless to say my hubby doesn't like when I watch the news I tend to get radical.
 That is me though, I don't feel anything at half mast.  I feel it all this could be because I have hyper awareness anxiety, but I like to think God gave me the gift of a big heart.
I related to people real or not.  Their stories touch me and stay with me.  When I seen the book Lights, Camera, Take Action: A Fifty-Two Weeks Guide to a better life one movie at a time I just knew it was for me.

This is how it works, you can start the book whenever you want.  The 52 weeks start when you do.  Each week you are suppose to watch an inspirational movie that will move you.  Then in the book we need a bit about the movie and what the author thought and we also have "work" we can do.  And no I don't mean homework I just mean work that we can do in our lives to change the negative things going on.
An example is week 3 is G. I. Jane if anyone has ever seen this movie you will know it is about a woman who was told she couldn't do something because she was a woman.  Others kept trying to take her down, but she just kept going higher and higher.  This weeks take action Steps were to find the haters and supports in your life.  And I loved it!!  I tend to give my haters just a bit to much control over my happiness.  I let them bring me down.  Now I can't get rid of all of them and the book doesn't tell me too.  It just tells me to be aware of them.  To know where you stand with them.
This was amazing!!  I have so many people in my family who cut me down and tell me all the things wrong with me.  It can get tiring, but then I have my hubby and a few friends who tell me how amazing I am and how proud they are of me.  I need to have more of them in my life and put more faith behind their words instead of my haters :)

Yes people this book made me realize that and that is just lesson 3!!  I have almost and entire book to go.  The author is very realistic and down to Earth.  She doesn't make the book and its actions impossible to do she just puts life and everyday things into a whole new perspective.
I love it and I am so excited I started this journey!