Living a Mighty Faith A Simple Heart and a Powerful Faith By Angus Buchan

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Living a Mighty Faith A Simple Heart and a Powerful Faith By Angus Buchan 
A simple potato farmer with a mighty faith and a willing heart—God steps in and changes everything, just like He can do for you.
Internationally bestselling author and ministry leader Angus Buchan is the author of Faith Like Potatoesand the founder of Mighty Men Conferences, which have drawn more than 500,000 attendees to Buchan’s Shalom Farm Ministry in South Africa, with additional Mighty Men Conferences drawing thousands more worldwide.
Although Buchan speaks to thousands all over the world, he and his wife, Jill, are simple potato farmers who know what it means to allow God to do more through them than they could ever imagine. They founded Beth-Hatlaim, a ministry that aims to provide a permanent home for children who have been abandoned or orphaned, with no known relatives. Buchan travels and leads crusades similar to the likes of Billy Graham.
This 365-day devotional will help you see what God can do in your life when you believe big and open your heart. Devotions focus on sharing your faith, serving others, and becoming a little more like Jesus each day.

I was so that person who only went to Church on special occasions.  Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals and stuff like that.  Then last summer I had my wake up call.  Now I can't get into my Church doors enough.  I started to pick up my Bible more and the love I found their was breathtaking.  The love Jesus and God have for us is unconditional, without reserve and doesn't need to be earned.  You can be a billionaire, a house wife, a mailman, own your own company or just a simple potato farmer like the author of this book.
No matter what you have God's love and each and everyday you can bask in that love by living a mighty faith :)
That is what this devotional book reminds me of each time I turn a page.  Each page is filled with a loving message and thought.  No two are the same and each message is backed up with scripture. 
Also at the end of each message is a short prayer.  It is a great way to start off any day or to finish any day, whenever it is you like to read.
To give you an idea of the message delivered this is a small part of April 28
*Early one morning as I set off for my run, I saw a goose flying back and forth across the sky all by himself.  As you may know, geese do not fly alone; they fly in flocks.  This goose was calling for his friends.  He was well and truly lost and my heart went out to him.
How about you?  Are you flying on your own?  There's no doubt we need each other.  This is no such things as a solitary Christain or a lone ranger in God's kingdom.  In John 14:6, Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me."  If you are lost today, know that the Lord is calling you to join Him and His family.*

There is more to the page, but that first part alone is so powerful.  So though provoking that it is hard not to take action to be part of God's family. As I said that is just ONE page of many, the entire book is like this and by the end of the book I have a feeling I will for sure be living a Mightier Faith then when I started!