Lord, Change My Attitude: Before It's Too Late

Disclaimer:  I was given the products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Some days I just wake up mad at the world.  My hair is a mess, my house is to hot, the kids are moving to slow, the dogs are to loud, my car yet again is running weird, the people at the store take forever, traffic is yet again jammed, my sister is whining, my dad is yelling about my mom, my mom is crying about my dad and to top it all off my hubby is talking to much again.
You see that readers that is me having a bad attitude.  That is me taking a normal day and picking it to pieces to make it something horrible.  And if you really look into what I type you can see I blame all the people around!  No, it could never be me causing the bad day!  It has to be them.... Right?
Our Attitude is what ruins our days, our outlook and the way we behave.
If you are not serious about changing, don't bother getting this book.  Because you need to be ready to make some huge attitude changes.
Change your attitude, change your life. We’re very good at explaining why we’re unhappy: bad job, bad relationships, bad luck. But there’s probably a better reason: bad attitudes.
 In Lord, Change My Attitude, James MacDonald shows us just how much our attitudes affect our lives. One of his bestsellers, this book is classic James: It’s clear, it’s inspiring, and it packs a punch. 

Drawing from the experience of the Israelites who grumbled through the wilderness, MacDonald shows how bad attitudes rob us of joy. Coveting, complaining, and being critical are not what our hearts were made for. They were made for thankfulness, contentment, and love.
 Is your heart straining under the weight of a bad attitude?

I adore this book.  It doesn't just scratch the surface it really gets down into the root of attitude issues.  For example in one section he has us ask ourselves 3 simple questions.
Am I a grateful person?
Am I seeing the blessings of thankfulness in my life?
Am I choosing thankfulness over complaining moment by moment?

So I am one of those people who when set to a task likes to tackle it head on.  And guess what I came up lacking!!  I complain all the time and I always want the next best thing!  A better car, a bigger house, new clothing.  I complain about what I have instead of being thankful I have it.  Those 3 simple questions made me realize just how sinful I was being.  
And that is just one page of this amazing book!  I love how the book makes me question my ways, has me look at them a new way and gives me a solution to fix them.  Also there is so many biblical references!  James Macdonald isn't just throwing stuff out there, he is backing it up with Bible references every step of the way.
I did a whole lot of soul searching as I worked my way through this book.  And I know change doesn't happen over night, but I am trying and with this book it is a lot easier.
This book is only for people who are serious about changing their attitude.  People who really want the change.

A new way to look at my life..
Some days I just wake up mad at the world. 
At least I am waking up!

 My hair is a mess.
I have so long pretty hair that some times it will get tangled

 my house is to hot
Not everyone has access to heat, I am lucky that I do

The kids are moving to slow.
I get extra time with my boys before school

 the dogs are to loud
They sure do love to show me their love 

 my car yet again is running weird
I HAVE A CAR :)!!!

 the people at the store take forever
Some of my friends can't afford to get a weekly store order, I am blessed

 traffic is yet again jammed
At least the people around me aren't driving to fast and endangering me

 my sister is whining
My sister feels safe talking to me

 my dad is yelling about my mom
my mom is crying about my dad
They are still together and are talking about their issues instead of keeping them all inside.  

 and to top it all off my hubby is talking to much again.
My hubby likes my company, he loves me