Mill Creek Entertainment - April Releases

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Remember when you could turn on the TV and not have to worry about quickly covering your kiddos ears or eyes.  I do and it was when I was a kid.  I remember sitting on the couch watching I Love Lucy, All in the Family, The Jeffersons and so many other great quality shows with my dad.  I never remember Archie dropping the F-bomb or Lucy getting me to laugh by hurting someone.  This was the time when TV was just good.
Mill Creek Entertainment offers a whole array of good old fashion, sit down with the family and enjoy TV shows.  Now don't get me wrong they do have some adult only shows, but I love that I can go to their site and almost ALWAYS find the old TV shows that I adored so much watching with my dad
I want to share with you their April releases:
April New DVD Releases
4/5/2016 Releases:
·         10 Items or Less – The Complete Series
A unique part scripted, part improv show about a family-owned grocery store and its misfit employees. Starring John Lehr and originally aired on TBS.

·         Hammer Film Collection Vol. 2 – 6 Films
Volume 2 of the Hammer Films Collection and includes the movies Creatures the World Forgot, The Revenge of Frankenstein, Maniac, Never Take Candy From a Stranger, The Snorkel, and Die! Die! My Darling.

·         Oceans – World Beneath the Waves
Over 60 hours of Deep Sea Discovery featuring the legendary explorer John Stoneman.

·         Prefontaine Blu-ray
This film stars Jared Leto as young track star Steve Prefontaine whose road to victory was marked with injury, controversy and tragedy and who captured the heart of the world with his unstoppable determination.

Featuring the films: Santa Fe, Stranger Wore a Gun, Hangman’s Knot, Man in the Saddle, The Nevadan, Desperadoes

4/19/16 Releases:
·         Dog House – The Complete Series and Movie
Digby is in the Dog House - literally - and none too thrilled about it. Why should he be? After all, he is a police detective, or was... until a car accident transported his brain, voice and personality into Spot the dog. Digby makes for one wisecracking, opinionated St. Bernard who has a unique perspective on humans. Starring Jaimz Woolvett (Unforgiven, Joan of Arc). Includes all 26 episodes and the original pilot movie.

·         Doomsday – 3 Catastrophic Mini-Series
Includes the mini-series: Blackout, Meteor, & Pandemic

·         Jungle Book Plus Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast
4 Classic fairy tale stories in one collection that features over 3 hours of animated adventure!

Now I know I set this post up talking about the shows I watched with my dad.  It should be known though that my pappy and I use to watch Westerns every time I went to his house.  I don't want to brag, but John Wayne was my first boyfriend (He just never knew it .....  hmm and it wasn't until much later I found out him and I were never alive at the same time.  Now that was a day of tears)
Another one of my pappy and my favorites was Randolph Scott.  Just like John Wayne his movie drew you in and had you glued to the DVD.
Back in the day we didn't have a VCR so my pappy and I just had to wait for our favorites to come on.  When I seen Mill Creek Entertainment released several of Randolph Scott's best onto one DVD I just knew I had to get it for my Pap!  Now he can watch whenever he wants and his favorites are always right there for his viewing :)
The DVD quality is of course great, after owning several Mill Creek Entertainments sets I know to expect high quality standards. 

And as I said these are just a few of the many films offered!  To see them all check out my link below