#MySparkle Your Bijoux Box

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for review.  All opinions are my own
Ladies lets be honest sometimes it just plain fun to dress up!  I know we all have those days when we don't want to do our hair or get ready, but then we have those days when we just wish we could change 100 times so we could show off all of stuff!
So my closet has 4 rods and those rods all all organized by season and color.  This is closet 1, my 2nd closet has all my dresses inside!  Then I have 2 show closets that hold over 100 pairs of shoes.  I have a rack that holds all my hats and belts and then I have an entire dresser top with all my sparkly jewelry, hair stuff and make up..... Oh and a pretty cool wig I bust out once in awhile.
I like to dress up 

Jewelry though is a new passion of mine so my collection isn't as cool as I wish it was, but that is okay because Your Bijoux Box has saved the day!
When I seen the Your Bijoux Box I just knew I had to have it!  Each month their is 3 pieces of jewelry delivered right to your door!  Shipping to the US is free so all together the box is only $35!!  I don't know about you, but I don't know anywhere that you can get 3 pieces of jewelry for that price.
And if you are thinking the quality can't be to good you are wrong!  My stuff is beautiful!

Here is a small glimpse at April's Box

Each month is different so your jewelry collection will keep growing.  And they mix it up :).

No matter what you are sure to love your new sparkles!
Your Bijoux Box offers a monthly box of hand-curated jewelry. The cost is $35 per month. There are three sparkles per box. Extended subscriptions include a pricing discount and shipping is free to US destinations, (there is a $6 per box shipping fee to Canadian addresses)

Now fair warning the March Box is all gone, but this was what was in the March Box
Yes darling pick your jaw up off the ground lol the box really was that awesome!!  I love the play on colors and the fact their was a St. Patty's colored bracelet!