Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.
SheIn you have let me down for the last time!

Did you ever have a company that you purchase an item from and was amazed at the fit and quality.  Then the next item they sent was a huge let down?  But you keep going back hoping PRAYING that they will return to that first amazing sale?
Welcome to my relationship with SheIn
The first item they sent me was amazing and I fell in love instantly.  It fit just right and the colors were bold and beautiful.
The next several items they sent me didn't fit right and were no where near what the size chart said they would be.
So I adjusted and started to order 3 sizes up!   I am an XL, but I started to order 4XL
Smart right?
Yeah until I ordered a dress and had it come in the wrong color!
Considered me let down and pretty freaking depressed.
I was ready to give up just yet though, I ordered another Dress and hat and again was impressed.  Yes I had to order up 3 sizes, but it arrived and was so pretty!  The color was even correct this time.
I was amazed.

So I thought WOW things are going to go back to normal WRONG!  I ordered a top for review only to have it show up ripped :(
This may not be the companies fault, but at this point I am fed up.
Their clothing doesn't fit right, sometimes they don't send the right colors and now I get a ripped top.
I love you SheIn, but this is the end of our relationship.  You have let me down for the last time.  Dear readers if you like playing the guessing game with size, color and quality then SheIn is for you.  I on the other hand I am out!

Here is the top I was suppose to get

The top lace part was disconnected in some areas from the shirt when it arrived