Surprised by the Healer: Embracing Hope for Your Broken Story

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Surprised by the Healer: Embracing Hope for Your Broken Story

I like that in the title of this book the words BROKEN STORY are used.  Because to often people think that their life story means they are broken and it is so not true. God can heal all things.  

About the Book

God’s word declares that there is healing for your deepest pains, hope for your biggest disappointments, and victory over your addictions, past hurts, and past failures. He can redeem your broken story. 
 In these pages, you will meet nine courageous women who have agreed to tell their stories, to share with you how they moved from hopelessness and brokenness to hope and healing. Whether from sexual abuse, betrayal in marriage, or other harrowing experiences, the Healer invited them on a unique journey of redemption in the midst of deep pain. He is inviting you, too.

 Linda Dillow and Dr. Juli Slattery, cofounders of Authentic Intimacy, have been writing and ministering to women in the church and clinical context for several decades. Their wisdom and experience overflow in this work to give you a trusted resource in journeying toward healing.
 Includes a study guide for each chapter in the back of the book.
Surprised by the Healer: Embracing Hope for Your Broken Story
So the book is broken down by stories, each chapter is a story for a different woman.  The chapter title tells you their name and a little sneak peek at what there story will be.
For example chapter 4 is:
Lorraine's Story
Walking in Forgiveness
And even then the chapter are broken down even more.  It is a very easy to follow along book.
Now more about the content.  Each of the women are very real with us, I get the feeling they left nothing out their stories and they put it all out there for us.  I liked that!  There was no shame, just women telling their stories of healing.  It makes it easy to relate to them, to see parts of your life in their story.  And I love on page 70 "Fighting the Accuser"  It says, "There is a reason so many Christian women hang on to the their guilt of their sin even though they know God's total forgiveness.  There is someone who does not want you to be free; his name is Satan"
That part right there was a wake up call for me.  God doesn't want me to feel shame and guilt.  He is a loving God so he wants me to be free and feel loved.  It is Satan who wants me to feel bad about myself.
Every story in this book drives God's love home, God's forgiveness.  You may not be able to relate to the "Sin" each women committed, but you can relate to their feelings.  To that brokenness they felt and I think through their stories you will see healing is possible.
They are all still works in progress, but they are all on the right path now.