American Blanket Company

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

In my family growing up I was the oldest child.  That means I got several years of a brat free home.... I mean sibling free home.
Those were the days :).  My dad would play outside with me all day, my mom would make the best treats, my mom would spend hours putting my hair together in cute little updos.  My dad told the best bed times stories and life was good.  At the end of a long day we would all climb onto our couch, we only had one and a bean bag (We were poor when I was really little) and cuddle up with my mom's blanket.  I remember I loved this blanket it was the softest blanket ever and it just reminded me of home.  When I was sick, scared or got hurt my mom would ask me if I wanted the family blanket and just covering up with it made me feel a bit better.
Fast forward to now and I too have this cute little grey and white blanket that is considered the family blanket.  We have 2 couches and a recliner, but whenever we watch movies we all curl up on the couch and cover up.  It is also the blanket my boys asked for when they weren't feeling well.  We loved this blanket.
As you can see I am using past tense.  In December I got a new puppy, Loki.
He is a little Tasmanian devil and rips apart EVERYTHING!  Our family blanket became a victim of his sadistic ways.  (Don't worry readers I type that with a smile, I love my pup.  He means more to be then any material item ever could)
The family was devastated, we tried to replace it with random blankets in the house, but non would do.
That is when I turned to the American Blanket Company
They are known for their super soft, cuddle inducing, oversize throws.
And I know lots of companies claim to be the softest, but let me tell you I think this company has a true claim!  I can't get over just how soft the throw I received is!  Imagine the softest puppy you ever petted in your life, now add a whole lot more cozy, throw in a dash of luxury and you still don't reach the level of American Blanket Company throw!!

Okay enough of my fan girl moment, in case you didn't know I am so wrapped up in my blanket as I type this.
So here is what I love:
The blanket is big enough that the entire family can cuddle up with it.  And yes in case you are wondering this so replaced the old family blanket.  We do put it away now when not in use, no more Loki disasters.
I also like that you can get it in several colors.  My house is mostly red, white and black.  So I of course got my throw in black.

Did I mention soft?  LOL As I said my American Blanket Company throw is soft, plush and lustrous!  I can't get over how comfy it is.
They are made to last, it is just one of those products you touch and know it is durable.  Better yet they stand behind this and offer a Lifetime Guaranteed  I am not going to test the theory, but I have a feeling Loki would have a hard time ruining this one.
And I know I focused on the throws, but you can get all sorts of blankets from American Blanket Company.   Fleeces, baby, pet and throws are just a few of the items you can purchase.  

I didn't do this, but you can get it customized.  Meaning you can add a monogram if you want.  I think this would be cute for someone who plans to display them on a chair or someplace.  Or if you give them as a gift, you can have a family name placed on them or even a team name.

Speaking of gifts....  Everyone does know what holiday is coming up soon right?  Father's Day!!  
Why not show dad you love him with a super soft blanket.  My dad spends every Sunday on the couch during football season,  I swear there is a dad imprint permanently there.  Would this blanket be the perfect gift for him and those long Sunday days?
And I have a feeling the gift of comfort would be acceptable for any occasion :)
To learn more and see all they have to offer check out my link below:

And if you don't want to take my word on the softness or a free sample fabric of your own to test out the softness here: