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One of my favorite memories was the day my little brother was born.  My dad and I for the first time were left to fend for ourselves.  I was born in 87 my brother was born in 91.  My dad at the time was a manly man and didn't know how to dress a little girl on his own.  So he said "Beanbag (My nickname at the time) since you are now a big sister you get to be a big girl and dress yourself."  Into my room I ran and put on all my favorite things.  I came out and my dad had a huge smile on his face.  He told me I was beautiful and we walked out the house hand and hand for me to meet my little brother for the first time.  We walked into my mom's room and in shock she asked my dad what was I wearing.  With a huge smile he said "Beanbag dressed herself today"  Trust me looking back I know how silly I must have looked lol. My dad wasn't smiling at my outfit though he was smiling because he was proud of me.  I will forever cherish that smile.
With my dad in mind I found AwesomeBox and made him a box all about him.  With my favorite photos of him.  I even wrote him a silly poem to go on the back of each card.
That is what AwesomeBox is.  A box of personalized cards.  They have the photos and words you want on them.  They even come in a personalize box.
This is card number one!  I mean come on who wouldn't love to open a box and have this be the very first card they read lol
From here I included photos of my kiddos, my siblings and all our favorite vacation.  A few years ago my dad stole my camera and took a really goofy photo of himself

The poem I wrote him the one line went "You always make us laugh" you so know this photo went with that card!  Every time I see this photo I lose it laughing!
To learn more please see my link below.  Or watch the video!