Chuck E. Cheese's

Disclaimer:  I will be receiving a guest pass and other promotional items for this post.

If I sat my boys down and asked them what is the best way to celebrate the end of the school year do you know what their answers would be?

Okay lets be honest that would be their answer to the question no matter what we were celebrating.  We could be having a really good Tuesday and in their mind it would be the time to go to Chuck E. Cheese's.
The end of the school is coming up next Friday.  We were planning a trip and that is when I found out something pretty awesome was going on already at Chuck E. Cheese's
So May 27th is my kiddos last day and that also just happens to be Helen's Birthday!!!
So what does that mean for us?

 May 27th: Helen Henny’s birthday – From Friday (5/27) to Sunday (5/39), Chuck E. Cheese's is celebrating Helen’s big day by offering 50% off Dippin’ Dots including her favorite (Cookies & Cream), activity sheets with token coupons and a sweepstakes for the chance to win a pair of virtual reality headsets, a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones and guest passes to Chuck E. Cheese’s.
The sweepstakes will be open until the 27th

Just when we thought this magical place couldn't get better!  Deals, free tokens, activities and the chance to win an awesome prize!  I like the way Helen celebrates her Birthday.
So if you are celebrating the end of the school, a base hit at a ball game, using the potty, getting good grades or even just a really good Saturday then you want to check out Chuck E. Cheese's and all the fun they are offering up next week :)