Family Game America

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.

Anyone who knows my blog, knows my family loves game night.  We make a huge deal out of it and invite over extended family and friends and spend the entire night playing games and enjoyinging each other company.
Even though some of us are quite competitive at the end of the night it is really just about spending time with our loved ones.  What better way to do that then with laughing and having fun?
Family Games America I thought would be the perfect addition to our game night.  Sadly it didn't turn out that way.
When I contacted them I thought for sure games would be sent my way instead I was sent a wine bottle holder puzzle (We don't drink in my home, I had no use for it) 
And then they sent me a broken game!

The bottom part seemed to have come unglued so when I took the "game" out it just all fell apart :(  So not a fun family game!!!

I knew this was a fluke and it was in no way the companies fault I don't drink so I wrote them a feature post.
Again I was trying to be understand of the fact that sometimes things arrived broken.  And that the company in no way could have known I didn't drink.
Sending them the link to my post I thought they would be, you know, happy I wasted my time writing a post for them after I legit got nothing in return.
Well that is a lie I got some room taken up in my trash and a dust collector
Nope instead I was meant with content and in my option made to feel like I done something wrong.  
So here is my review of the company.
They send broken items and then make you feel like you done something to in someway offend them.