Let Povi Help #spon

This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Povi. I received compensation for my participation, but my opinions are my own.
When I had Brandon Jr I remember being so excited and so scared!  Here was this tiny life that depended on me for everything.  This little life that I had to help grow up to be a young man.  For a first time mom that was a bit scary.  Sometimes I still have the fear and I question if I am doing things right.  Unlike my mom though I have the internet and at the push of a button I can find almost anything.  I can find kid safe shows, stories, activities and so much more!
I love sites like Povi

Povi is loaded with real-life stories children can relate to and endless conversation starters.  I like that not only does it entertain my kiddos, but it gets them thinking.  It is a story that teaches them something.  Povi helps parent and child establish a daily habit of thoughtful conversation that in turn helps children develop crucial social-emotional skills.  I get upset when my boys get into my car at the end of school and I ask them how their day ways.  I always get a "Good" or "Fine"  I want to talk to them, like real conversation about their lives.  Povi helps them to develop these skills.  We are living in a typing word where most of our conversations are had via a keyboard.  I want my kids to learn to interact with people.  Povi promotes conversations like, If you could be someone else for a day, who would you like to be?  A focus on empathy might prompt, How can you tell when someone is sad?   My kiddos do like when we talk about them so conversations that ask about their feelings are thoughts are normally a great way to get them talking.  Povi teaches a whole array of life skills.

  Povi is designed to help parents raise happier, caring and confident children.  I can't be the only one right now waving her hand around say yes please sign me up!!
 Povi is an EQ (emotional quotient) content platform + app with content sourced from experts and a huggable storytelling buddy as the delivery tool.  Povi is meant to be played with a parent.  It is a bonding App

Ummm yeah you want to get my kiddos attention throw in a toy!  It takes the "Work" out of any situation and makes it "fun" instead.-Povi is a connected toy with a mission, for children ages 3-8.
If you are like me you always wonder can I be doing more?  Are my kiddos happy?  Could they be happier?  The answer to each of those questions is yes!  And thanks to Povi you now have a way to take that extra step

Povi comes with 10 pre-downloaded stories and a free app (available for Android or iOS) featuring additional questions parents can ask related to the stories and 20 additional stories that are age appropriate for each individual child. 
Parents can choose from among three levels, for ages 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8. 
The stories are written and curated by experts including psychologists, teachers and parents. 

 Povi launches on Kickstarter, May 24, 2016. Please visit Povi Kick-start 

The first 2,000 customers to sign up will receive Povi at the discounted price of $49, a 40% discount from the future off-the- shelf Povi price. For more information about Povi visit