My WarRoom

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
If you have not yet seen the movie WarRoom you so need to get your hands on a copy.  It is a religious movie, I know the word War may throw you off.  The very VERY basic outline is fighting the right way.  Using prayer and being good wholesome people.  In the movie this super sweet elderly women has a room where she does all her praying.  She calls it her WarRoom.  I feel in love with it instantly!  Dear readers you need to know I live in a small house, if I sneeze it doesn't matter what room you are in you will hear it.  I don't have the space for a WarRoom, but I made the space for a WarTable! 

I use this table to write my prayers, lay my head down when I feel weary.  I read at this table, I do my Bible study homework at this table.  This table is my quite place.  
I have my books that I like to reference when I am having a hard time.  I have my pencils for when I want to take notes.  I have my photos for inspiration and lately I have started to add decor.  My favorite drawing of Jesus was the first piece.  Next was a cute basket to hold my pencils, after that their was a ceramic cross I purchased and now there is all my religious Precious Moments Figurines.  They make me smile, they each have a story so when I am sad or struggling I just have to look at them to be taken to a better place.  

So I am joining my Church on Sunday.  I am a pretty active member lately, but I never officially joined (I wont fib, I didn't know about joining I always just thought you showed up!!  In case you didn't figure it out yet I am quite the ditz)
I purchased a super cute white dress for when I go in front of the Church.   I invited my entire family to come, even some 3rd cousins!   I have been really reflecting and talking to God about this.  I have been talking to other members of the Church and telling them how much this means to me.  I am excited to go in front of everyone on Sunday and say those words that make me an official member.   I am excited to again in one more way connect and become closer to God and Jesus.

This day is already pretty big for me and something I have been looking forward to.  It only makes sense I in some way memorialize the day.  And the Precious Moments Confirmed In Faith figurine is perfect for this occasion.

More perfectly bound to the Church, the newly confirmed shares her faith by word and deed. This peaceful confirmed has been sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit as she reads from her bible. With a lovely dove symbolizing her state of grace, this piece makes an unforgettable gift.

This is the perfect me gift.  There is many reasons I want to join the Church, but at the base of all of it is me wanting to always become closer to God.  I want fellowship with his people.  I want to each and everyday learn how I can better serve him.  I want God to look down at me with a smile not a look of worry.  This day represents that for me.  And this sweet peaceful figure is how I feel about it!  At peace.  A day of celebration, a day to take a deep breath and say girl God has got your back you just relax.  Enjoy the world he has created for us.  Spread his word and love.  

I am taking a new step in my faith this coming Sunday.  This little figurine will always remind me of the joy and excitement I felt in the works before hand <3