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Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
When my hubby and I started to date he got me the gifts he thought he should get.  Flowers, chocolate, stuffed bears, jewelry... ect.
And don't get me wrong I ADORE all of those things and they each have a place of honor in my home.  The thing is, none of them were purchased with feeling.  It was more along the lines of well my wife likes this kind of stuff, I guess this one is cool, toss a bow on it and tada gift purchased.
I like the thought behind gifts.  I like corny little poems and inside jokes.  I like connecting with people on a REAL level.  When he purchased me a $500 necklace I didn't react the way he wanted.  He thought I would be falling over myself, jumping up and down and declaring him the greatest man alive.  I instead smiled, gave him a big hug and said thank you.  Not what the man wanted.  Fast-forward several years to when my son made me a mac-a-roni necklace and colored his pasta in my favorite color.  He made a smiley face on one of them because I make him smile when he thinks about me.  He made my yarn chain longer so I could slip it over my head, he didn't want me tying it and getting my hair caught in the yarn.  He place it in a little bag that he decorated with hand drawn photos of me and him. 
Yes moms you know what happened.  I dropped to my knees gave him the biggest hug a person can give, cried and told him that he was the greatest little man God ever created.  I showered him in kisses and offered to make his favorite meal that night. And watch his favorite movie with him.  And we were getting 2 bedtime stories that night!!  As I was gushing and crying I looked over to see a little tick under my hubbies left eye.  He didn't understand how a Mac-a-Roni necklace was better then the one he spent $500 on.  
I didn't want to hurt his feelings, but I explained he got that one for me because he knew he HAD to get me a gift.  He got it because it was expected.  Plus he got his girlfriend before me the same one :( Shhh he was young he didn't know better.
My son on the other hand put love into every single aspect of his gift.  Thought, feeling and love was all over that little necklace.  My hubby scratched his head and said "women are nut jobs"

Fast forward several more years and the man finally gets it!  When shopping for me he gets stuff that reminds him of me.  When I am having a bad day he brings home my favorite candy bar.  He knows I like yellow, white and red roses.  Sometimes he get me just a single stem to let me know he thought of me.  In my garden he plants gladiolas because he knows they are my favorite.  He even got me a stuffed black lab toy because he knows how much I miss my Lucy.

And he now gets my Jewelry at at SOUFEEL!
  A genuine jewelry store, that allows you to tell your story with charms.
They offer all types of jewelry:
Bracelets, necklaces, earings, rings ect
What makes them unique is that you can buy charms that not only show off your personality, but also tell your own unique story.
Life's special moments should be celebrated and SOUFEEL makes that possible with their charms!  They have a charm for every occasion.  And the charms are interchangeable so you can change it up whenever you want.
And they quality is so high!  Charms are made from 925 sterling silver, 14K gold, rose gold or Swarovski crystals which can fit Pandora bracelet with the reasonable price.  They offer free shipping worldwide with orders over $50 and 365-day return and exchange guarantee.

I personally picked out 4 charms and a memorable charm

For my charms I picked out     

I wanted the words to spell I Love you.  For my memorible charm I choose a photo of my two kiddos, my puppy and myself.  It was taken at Easter.  If you didn't know Quinn had to get stitches that day and it was just a rough day.  I spent the day at the hospital singing with my boys and just trying to make everyone feel better.  I felt scared and upset, but as us moms must do I put on my brave face, stuck my feelings and fears on the back-burner and made them feel better first.
That night I gave my little guy the best chair in the house and my oldest and I kept making him laugh.  We wanted him to feel better after such a bad day.  I remember my hubby telling him to look over so he could take a photo of us.  A bit shocked I smiled for the photo and then I asked what that was about???  He told me I want to remember this moment and what a great mom and women you are.
After turning a bit red in the face I of course started to cry.  It was pretty sweet, he doesn't take my photo often.  And when he does it is normally because I ask him to take one of me and the boys.  He wanted a photo of this moment.  
So yes the charm has 3 of my favorite people well okay 2 of my favorite people and one of my favorite fur babies in it.  But the photo also holds another meaning for me.  And it is the day I realized just how sweet my hubby is!  I get to look down at my wrist several times a day now and remember that moment.
This is jewelry with feeling.  Jewelry with love.

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