Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.
My family loves amusement parks.  They love the rides and being out in the sun.  I just love seeing my kids smile and getting to spend time with them.  As mom this has become the highlight of most of my days.
The only thing I dislike is I have to wear my less then pretty clothing.  The reason being water rides.  My jean shorts and  gladiators just don't agree with these rides.  They don't dry fast and wet gladiators drive me nuts as they rub my legs.
There isn't much I can do for my shorts, but my shoes are all covered thanks to OOFOS.  

They are comfortable, but stylish!  Yes ladies you read that right I don't need to give up comfort for style
Here are the things I love:
Instant comfort,
Absorbs impact, Flexible
Lightweight, Machine washable
Durable, and water resistant

You can get them for both men and women.  They even have several styles and colors.
The underfoot support absorbs your steps as you walk!  This makes your feet, legs and back feel better.  They are super easy to clean and dry almost instantly.  
I like that the part that goes between my toes doesn't cut my skin, I had a few flip flops that were so uncomfortable.  I don't have that issue with my OOFOS!

My OOFOS and I are so summer ready!  Are you?